Great article from Pensions & Investments newspaper discussing mental health.


“Employers who invest in helping employees deal with mental health issues can see direct and indirect benefits, according to a report released Friday by Putnam Investments’ sustainable investing team. The report, Mental Health: Insights and Investment Implications, looks at the true costs of mental illness, how it is impacted by COVID-19, and the potential investment implications of what governments and companies are doing to address it.”


It has been a tough and traumatic year for us all. Our physical and emotional wellbeing has been tested and it is completely normal to feel anger, frustration and depression as we battle through what has been an extremely difficult time. Workplace stress and anxiety is prevalent now more than ever before.


As a result of working with corporate businesses in and around London, we have seen a direct positive effect on employees benefiting from our counselling and psychotherapy sessions. Just a 30-minute therapy session during a lunch break can help employees feel motivated, less stressed and more productive for the rest of the day.


Our psychotherapists can help your employees express their feelings and gain a deeper insight into the issues they may be facing. Our qualified therapists will help individuals find better ways to cope and help them change the way they think and behave to improve mental and emotional wellbeing.


Psychotherapy and Psychotherapeutic counselling are talking therapies. These are used to treat emotional problems and mental health issues.


Our experienced psychotherapists and counsellors can help employees:


  • Learn to gain control of their emotions
  • Find it more comfortable to cope with everyday life
  • Improve their physical wellbeing
  • Improve communication and interpersonal skills
  • Increase confidence and decision-making skills
  • Feel more relief from stress, depression, anxiety or other mental health conditions
  • Improve the ability to manage stress


Our counsellors are qualified, professional and flexible with times and locations to suit. If you would rather have your session in a local park than the workplace or at people’s homes, that can be arranged too.



Nikita A-  Integrative therapist

BACP registered (MBACP), also currently training to be a doctor in Counselling Psychology and Psychotherapy (DCPsych).


As COVID-19 disrupts our lives you may find yourself feeling emotionally overwhelmed, anxious, lonely, trapped and even feeling a huge sense of loss. You may have been struggling for some time and not got around to addressing it and now that something may be feeling a little bigger right now.


Counselling can help during these difficult times; offering you a confidential space to explore the struggles you are facing and the impact they may be having on your relationships, work-life and wellbeing.


Feeling emotionally overwhelmed can be lonely, and through counselling I will support you in addressing your current situation and potentially looking back at painful times from the past and how they might be limiting you now.


Counselling can be a difficult process, acknowledging that you need counselling can be hard, work in the room can also be challenging and painful. However it can also be a positive freeing experience, bringing about insight and awareness, a change in relationships and a personal sense of being.


ONLINE – during this period I am only offering online video counselling and telephone counselling. I want to encourage you that just like face-to-face counselling, these methods becomes more and more natural as our relationship develops and the work done, with adjustments, is as effective.


“Your anxiety will lessen, your fear will subside, you will find peace”


See our Psychotherapy and Counselling Practitioners to explore treatments and pricing.

Freedom Wellness Therapy

FWT provides mobile, holistic wellness treatments and bespoke wellness programmes to individuals and corporate businesses, respectively, throughout London. Treatments include massage, mindfulness yoga, osteopathy, physiotherapy, counselling, psychotherapy, beauty and hairstyling/grooming services. We leverage technology to enable online booking and mobile delivery of treatments and programmes. Our professional therapists and practitioners will bring treatments directly to clients in their homes, offices, hotels or virtually over the phone or online video connection.