Medicinal and Therapeutic Virtues of Massage

During these unprecedented times, it is now more important that ever to look after our health and wellbeing.


You may not feel comfortable going into a hospital or clinical setting for a medical massage during these uncertain times, this is where our practitioners can help. You can stay in the comfort of your own home and our professional, qualified and licensed therapists can visit your home and conduct the same medical massage that you would receive in a hospital or clinic. You can book a time and date that suits you and select a Covid safe session where the practitioner will be wearing a mask during the session.


Medical and therapeutic massage can be tailored to your health needs to help you recover faster. Medicinal massage unlike relaxation massage can help you with more serious medical issues. It involves more focused work on your body’s soft tissue — the muscles, tendons and ligaments that move and support your body.


A therapeutic massage can greatly benefit your overall well-being. Focused massage techniques can help decrease pain and increase your range of motion, make it easier to move and function more normally, and help you heal faster from a variety of medical concerns.


3 ways medical massage is different from spa massage

 Published Apr 5, 2018 in Lifestyle Health


There is, in fact, a difference between a medical and spa massage. In both, someone applies pressure to your body. However, a medical massage differs in three important ways:


  1. It is outcome-based. In addition to stress relief and relaxation, a medical massage focuses on a medical need. It is often used to manage pain, reduce inflammation, improve circulation, relieve nerve compression, improve digestion, increase flexibility or treat other health care concerns.
  2. It targets your needs through a variety of techniques. Spa massage and medical massage may feel similar, but their techniques differ. During a spa massage, the techniques likely focus on relaxation. A medical massage therapist will use a broader set of therapies for muscle health and recovery.
  3. It includes specific follow-up recommendations. A medical massage therapist will provide a targeted plan for treatment, along with recommendations for a series of timed visits versus a periodic spa visit



Mandy M.


Mandy is a therapeutic Massage Therapist. Her range of training has allowed her to provide both restorative and rehabilitative treatments as well as helping corporate clients use breathing and meditation to harness focus in often busy environments.



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